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"People think Nabokov is deep, they've just never really read Seuss,"comments "Sairam", author of an in-depth literary analysis or Dr. Seuss's works, Green Eggs and Righteous Anger. Instead of reading Seuss in America's kindergardens, Sairam thinks it should be saved for post-graduate institutions. "You've got to go below the verses, below the rhyme. People think the Lorax is just a Lorax, but they're missing the whole point of Seuss's work; there's so much more there. I mean, the man was a doctor!" [More!]
"I like to think of myself as a traditional manager", relates "Heather", who hastens to point out that none of her employees have yet died as a result of her management regimen. "Well, there's Kenneth, sure, but he'll pull through. Doctors said he'll be almost as good as new, just so long as he doesn't need that right hand." [More!]
"When you rescue the ladies from dangerous situations, they want to be sure you're sensitive" "Ashton" assures us. He should know. Five years as the only male rescue skiier at "Lady Bunny's All-Female Skiland Getaway" and he's seen it all. "The honey babies are a little bit nervous when they first see me, but the Papa Bear Toessel really loosens 'em up." [More!]
"Time travel isn't all about Michael J. Fox and Jean Claude Van Damme, you know," says "Michael", head of Toessel International's Alternative Stylings Department. Michael just returned from a trip to the Mayan Penninsula, 800 A.D. "That Yossel, it's not enough that he rips his ideas off from his contemporaries, he's got to send me back in time to steal them from our ancestors!" [More!]

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