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"Josh", still reeling from the international success of his most recent erotic thriller, "Beauty Never Sleeps", splits time between a sleepy Vermont Bungalow and his agent's couch in LA. "My toessel tube centers me", Josh claims. "Without it, I'd let fame go to my head. You know, the two Oscars, the Golden Globe and that ... what was it? Oh yeah, my Emmy." [More!]
"People like to joke about rocket scientists," laments "Syd", proud owner of a Toessel skullcap. Between consulting at NASA and putting the finishing touches on a five year multi-million dollar book deal, Syd barely has time for her 19 adopted children. "I've got to get into another apartment. These kids are really starting to clutter my office. Little Billy; I didn't find out that he was responsible for the Mars Voyager until, like, two weeks afterward." [More!]
"It's the simple things that make the difference," says "Jon", a popular figure in his local community. Having scooped ice cream in his own store for over 30 years, Jon feels that it might be time for a change. "I'm thinking of going into frozen yogurt." His finely textured homey toessel keeps Jon warm while bending over those freezers. [More!]
"I wonder sometimes, about a career change," writes international investigative reporter, "Gwen". The world of investigative journalism hopes not. Her exposes on cattle mutilation, sewer children, and long-lasting batteries have consistently impressed an ever-growing readership base. "I look for the hook", mentions Gwen. "If there's an angle, I can be on the plane tomorrow. But never, never, without my french beret toessel." [More!]

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