First, it was all about chicks. I mean, the ladies were wild about this toessel tube from the get-go. So it was purely a physical thing at first. But then I noticed my agent, Jason, taking a keen look at it. Then, producers. Pretty soon, everyone's talking about this toessel. It's like it's just funnelling all this positive karma down onto my head. That's why it flares out at the top, you see? It's got to catch all that good stuff that's coming my way. I look at these other people who actually ask for a hat with a point on top. A point! Isn't that the most ludicrous thing you've ever heard? It's like they want to get a roof for their karma, so that it doesn't stain them or something. This toessel isn't about that. It's all about 'Come here, karma, I've got plenty of room!'. Sometimes I think that Yossel should only make these wide topped hats, but then I feel it's kind of cool how he makes everyone happy, and, well, you've got to walk that line."

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