Yossel had just promoted me from my job in the mailroom. We were out drinking, and he was like, "Hey, Michael, we've found 200 different ways to wear the homey toessel, but I need one more. I just need it. Where are we going to get the inspiration?" And so I'm like, "Hey, they've got one of those new time travel machines down at the Kinko's in the mall, why don't we go and like rip off some ideas from the Mayans?"

Now Yossel is all about exploiting our rich cultural heritage for private gain, so he was like "Totally! Rip off those short potato growers!" Then I was like, "But, hey, the potato comes from Peru!" but Yossel wasn't listening. He was already on the phone to Kinko's arranging my trip. Two weeks later, I'm back, my Homey Toessel styled in a totally unique way, inspired by the Mayans one millennium back. Yossel bought me a beer. It was pretty cool.

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