The toessels below are all for trade. Make me an offer and we'll talk. Who are these people modelling them, you ask? Don't you worry about it, I'll get the toessels back.
This gorgeous conqueror toessel could make you, too, a babe magnet. Note the exquisite seed stitch of the neck band, the intricate stylings of the middle cables, and the bold coloring of the top piece. Who wouldn't want this hat?
The french beret toessel is the next big thing. Lavish your honey with one at the next opportunity. And which better than this one, with it's colorful red loops and wonderful white warmth?
Every once in a while, I put just a little too much into a toessel. This is a fine example. Note the finely blended lower portion, the dual-colored cable middle, and finally, the over-the-top starfish top. If your personality isn't afraid of being overwhelmed by a bowler toessel, this one is for you!
An early prototype of the toessel tube, this lonely piece is certainly a warm work indeed. Specially knit on thinner needles, there are fewer pores, making it an excellent warm weather companion, as well as a piece of history.

heh, heh, heh.