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Set 'em up: The Bowler Toessel

This pattern stolen from The Woolgatherer in Washington D.C. Phat props go to that store (now out of business) for keeping me on the path.

New Simplified Instructions!
  1. Cast on 78 stitches or so.
  2. Knit for eight inches.
  3. Reduce.


  • For wearing, you're going to want to roll up the bottom.
  • About 4 inches is usually the amount of the hat that get rolled up. Keeping this in mind, you may want to switch colors at that point.
  • Switching colors again when you begin reduction will give you a nice three part feel.

Did you know? When a model rolled up the edges of a homey toessel, the bowler toessel was born. The two designs virtually identical.

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