Gorillas have a lot to say. Boo-Boo and I had been working for years together, developing our own sign language of simian-human interaction. Late one night, once all the other trainers had gone home, Boo-Boo and I were going over noun forms and verb declension. It was pouring out, and we were huddled under one of the palm trees in her area. She was clearly agitated, and struggling with her thick fingers to form a clean sentence. Finally, it came. "Me want. Me want gorilla toessel." At first I was shocked. I couldn't understand why Boo-Boo would want a toessel made from a gorilla. Cotton, wool, a nice acrylic blend, sure, but a gorilla? That's just sick. Well, we talked about it a little longer, and I understood that Boo-Boo just wanted a toessel worn by gorillas, not made of them. A little harder sure, but I bet Yossel can do it."

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