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Bluffing My Way Through An FAQ.

Knitting FAQ

What size needles and yarn should I use?
What do you want to use? I like size 10 1/2 needles and two strands of blended acrylic. This combination gives me good colors, and ensures that the hats knit up fast. When I'm particularly lazy, I use a yarn called "Thick and Quick", which is huge. I'd search for the web page, but I'm sort of worried about the results that might show up. You should note that if I ever refer to a certain number of stitches, it's based on the above needles and yarn above.

How should I reduce stitches at the top of the hat?
Once again, it depends on what you're looking for. For a nice regular reduction, just knit a certain number of stitches together every round. For example, knitting two stitches together four times a round and tying off at around 6 stitches will give you an attractive and simple top.

Of course, you might not want these regular reductions. The Beret Toessel uses a more rapid reduction and then ties off at around 30 stitches This is good if you're not looking for a tight hat, but rather something that simply rests atop the head. You didn't hear it here, but try:

  • *K4, K2 tog*
  • Work 3 rounds
  • *K3, K2 tog*
  • Knit 3 rounds
  • *K2 tog*
  • Knit 2 rounds and tie off.
Once again, this is just one recommendation. Experiment and see what works for you.

One final way to reduce is sort of a combination. It gives you a sort of form fitting, and rounds well to the head. Knit two together every seven stitches, then every six, etc. To keep the work from reducing too rapidly, knit a round in between reductions. I use this approach in the Homey Toessel.

How do I make ribbing?
Ribs are just an alternation of knits and purls carried vertically through the work. Just make sure you've got an even number of stitches on your needles, or else they won't match up. The simplest ribbing is one knit one purl all the way around. Try your own combination to see what you like.

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