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Writing software, solving problems.

My EAGE abstracts:
Java estimation library for seismic processing (ps.gz)
Enhancement of discontinuities in seismic 3-D images (ps.gz)

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Here you need a username and password. I have this vision that all my files are available to me worldwide. However, I protect the more private files through password and encryption. Real secrets, of course, I don't keep here at all.

Chapters of my thesis

My PhD thesis consists of of a collection of topics that I treat rather independently on my web page. However, above is a list of links to the various chapters. My thesis is also available at the official SEP thesis site as SEP report 99.

This SEP homepage was designed by Joel Schroeder and me. We added the SEP reports and theses as well as the software distribution to the Web site. We ensured that the pages load quickly and that they are friendly to search engines. Finally, we gave the pages a consistent look. I still like that page!

Matthias Schwab

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