Jest Distribution

This distributioin of Jest is very preliminary.
A few explainations are available below the links.

I just finished my Stanford PhD and I am now looking for a job in Germany. I might not be able to do much work on the current version of Jest for a few months. However, I believe Jest is one of the coolest things I have worked on.

The software is still under development. Feel free to inspect and use anything you find on this site, but don't complain. Instead help.

If you seriously want to try this out, here is how I suggest you proceed:

Jest's various packages

Above you can download Jest as a single tar file. Here I offer each Jest package individually.

Complementary software

In the long run, I would like to replace traditional software tools, such as make and vplot by with Java applications. Otherwise, they will not operate across the Internet, I am afraid.


Joel Schroeder and I developed the original Jest version together. Dave Nichols, Lester Dye, Mark Gockenbach, and Bill Symes were involved in the design of Jest's concepts and earlier C++ versions of Jest. Jon Claerbout motivated much of this work by pushing for an object-oriented package that splits applications and solvers.


Matthias Schwab ;