How can we make research documents reproducible on the internet?

To make research reproducible on the internet, a browser needs to offer its reader a button next to a result. The button offers the reader the recomputation of the result. Of course, some computations are not easily reproduced because of their size or because they involve proprietary data. However, many researchers want to offer readers their work in a reproducible form: All it takes is a little bit of organization on the author's part and the reader can truely stand on the author's shoulders. Furthermore, A reproducible research document helps the author to maintain his research project and its software.

But how can we deliver reproducibility on the internet? How about a reproducibility button in a browser? The links below show you my Java approach ...

Unfortunately, I have not had the time to develop a routine system to turn my Java encoded processing software and their corresponding descriptions into reproducible research documents. However, here is a first view of the things that are to come ... (I developed this with Java 1.1)

You find more about reproducible research documents on my corresponding redoc page.