Matt's How-to pages

These are mostly things that I don't have in the back of my head, but that I want to have handier than a book on the shelf.

Science and Geophysics

Search lists links to search engines.
SEPlib details merging headers and Transp.
Promax a get-you-started paper.
tex2Make lists how a TeX button triggers a cmd.
readSegy outlines how to read a SEGY tape.
Vplotlists a program for making a raster bar scale.
Acronym in digital processing.
SegTalk instructs on how to shoot slides.
Publishing lists steps for publishing.
Writing sums up my Golden Rules of scientific prose.
Speaking sums up my and Churchill's point of views on speaking. All old stuff his his, all the new stuff is mine.
Teaching in geophysics should be by case-study.
Test taking became one of my specialties. according to me.


Java shows a few applets and applications.
C includes introductory examples mostly from Kernighan's books.
C++ includes introductory examples from various books.
F77 presents half a dozen Hello World examples in Fortran.
Mathematica shows a script and two tools.
Matlab shows a few simple examples.
Awk shows two examples how to average and display tables.
TeX introduces a few macro sets (thesis, slides, comments, latex2e), a few examples (letter, schedule) and other resources.
HTML documentation urls.
My naming conventioins.


Commands lists a useful but obscure commands.
Filetransfer tells you a lot about tar.
Awk includes a nice simple example.
Screendump shows how to capture a screen.
Emacs is THE editor.
Xfig lets you draw figures.
Make stores commands and file dependency.
Debug gets you started with the GDB debugger.
Pdf and Acrobat tells you about Adobe's acrobat reader for pdf documents. < H3>UNIX Sys Web tells you how to protect individual web directories on an Apache web server.
Linux lists some basic info on the SEP Linux boxes.
Modules gathers my links on a new Setup system.
Backup offers common backup commands.
Dialin shows the SEP PPP dialin scripts.
Where lists a few important UNIX-SEP directories.
Tuning attempts to analyse network probles.


Fig contains a few local gif figures.
template.html is the template HTML file that I copy when I create a new Page.