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Husky 2D Land Dataset

The Husky 2D land spec dataset was acquired by Husky Oil and Talisman Energy in a complex fold and thrust belt of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Foothills. This dataset, released by Husky Oil to aid industry technological development, was the focus of a processing workshop at the SEG's 1995 Annual General Meeting. The dataset consists of 143 shot-records, with a nominal source and receiver spacing of 100 m and 20 m, respectively. Shot-records contain approximately 300 channels per shot in a split-spread geometry with a maximum offset of $\pm$4000 m. Overall, this high-quality field dataset exhibits many typical data attributes: realistic near-surface effects, elevation changes, and associated geologic information and ambiguity. In addition, the dataset is in a location of minimal 3D structure, which provides a good test for 2D imaging algorithms.