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Jon Claerbout's office

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The Green Professor (emeritus) at Stanford University
Asteroid Claerbout

This page is dedicated to the memory of my son (Johannes) Jos Claerbout 1974-99.
Memorial for Ted Madden

Go to my Classroom and get your free books.

Or go to the SEP project or my Launch Pad.

Here's what I've learned about trying to control my body weight.

Why has the price of petroleum dropped so far in 2014-15?

Deep beneath the Gulf of Mexico are salt layers that mess up seismic waves going through them. I prepared a 10 minute lecture on how some young student might resolve that problem and make for themselves a load of money seeing all the oil under that salt.

Who is blocking congressional testimony at youtube?   It sure did look like Wall Street. But, I found out that it's not.

My first "Google PowerPoint" started with my granddaughter

Read this before you have cataract surgery.

How I fixed my leaky pool. Just in time for California's long dry summer. Hooray!

I have finally found a use for Jensen inequalities, (7 page PDF) and video (18 minutes)

Ground roll: suppressing it while mapping layer thickness (SEP seminar December 6, 2013). The video.   The document.   Revision for seminar 5-22-14.

I narrated the textbook I've been working on for the past two decades. It is 60 talks, average length is 11 minutes. The purpose is to "flip" the class. Students view the video at home and come to class to ask questions and solve problems.

Make yourself a web site? Here's why, and how to make a screen video, all in a 3 minute video

My ideas on Capturing slide shows for redelivery: the revolution that will replace books and videos

Intelligence: what is it? Everyone has a different amount of it. It is politically incorrect to speak of a person's intelligence or their beauty or lack thereof, all of which are given to us at birth. What is intelligence? We Americans are impolite to speak of it. Chinese have no such hangup. They put big money in studying intelligence. Want to hear what they have to say?

Marine seismic debubbling and de-Rickering, a project report article later published in Geophysical Prospecting. Here's one place to start.

Upcoming SEG meeting (Nov 2012). Here is my practice talk. and Here are my slides.

I gave a lecture to some high school students on the topic of MIT Scratch. Don't look at my lecture, instead see video produced by Mitch Resnick, its founder. Inspirational!

My 3 minute slide-show on cats, astronauts, and angular momentum. (It is slides that are better viewed in Adobe Reader than in browser.)

I release my latest ideas on Mostly causal deconvolution clarifies marine seismogram polarity, a 23 minute video at youtube and slides. After you see this video, if it's not flying too high over your head, you might like this more advanced talk, Sparsity deconvolution in the log domain with variable gain, a 31 minute video and slides. Please send feedback to both me and antoine at sep dot stanford dot edu .

Here's a background article to my work of recent years. My professional product of the last couple years in a 4 page abstract.

Want to hear me speak? Here I am speaking to an audience of earthquake seismologists, telling them a little of exploration seismology and something that might help them out.

Would you like to double your Social Security benefits in exchange for all your medicare benefits? It's possible!

Installing and managing your home Apple Airport WiFi for beginners

Will civilization collapse as we pass peak oil? when and how will it happen? Scan titles of these 20 knowledgable writers at The Oil Drum.

Adjustable focus eyeglasses? Here's my evaluation.

The nation's health care costs problem: Here is how to solve it in a rational manner.

We should save how much for retirement?

Interested in some help learning to memorize poems? I prepared some examples and software to enable you to adapt it to your own favorite poem. Here is my recital of The Cremation of Sam McGee, by Robert Service.

Iceland! An amazing trip. A few fabulous slides.

A libertarian socialist engineer's proposal to solve the financial crisis: Let me know what you think.

I've been wondering if Tar Sands would save life as we know it today.

I've prepared a tutorial on the basic algebra behind oil crisis extrapolations.

Alumni reunion/retirement party slide shows

My retirement party in Alaska, your invitation. It was great fun!

My retirement party in Alaska, the final program

On the occasion of my retirement, my speech to local staff

Apple's iPhoto, I abandon with prejudice

In the interest of optimally compartmenting the School of Earth Science, I gave out a questionairre to members of the Stanford Earth Science Faculty to identify colleagues closest to them in curriculum. Results were input to a "banquet seating" optimization program.

I've started on a history of reproducible research.

I've written a book review on a book by Mathew R. Simmons about the decline of Saudi Oil fields.

Bob Clapp and I have been examining the Miyagi earthquake.

Students and I struggled with data from a depth sounding survey of the biblical Sea of Galilee. It's gratifying to learn our result .jpg makes a genuine contribution.

Quite by accident I took some nice pictures of Sea Dragons, and another at the Monterey aquarium.

Garry Clarke came visiting with some fabulous pictures of the Donjuk Glacier. I got him started on a picture web site. Enjoy!

Graduation pictures from 6/2004.

Noontime rainbows? See my sun dog pictures.

This is a quicktime movie that I made linking astronomy to seismology. (13 min, 40Mb)

This is a quicktime movie of people having fun at the last SEP meeting. (8min, 20Mb)

I'm working on presenting pictures of Cecil Green's trips to Arabia.

I enjoyed a small journey with the Crustal Group.

I'm trying to recover a rare seismic data set.

Ever wondered about acoustic daylight imaging? Here is a quick introduction .

This picture explains (fantastic!) the relation between 1-D and 2-D filtering. To filter, you screw the filter onto the data. Convolution in 1-D does convolution in 2-D. Deconvolution in 1-D does deconvolution in 2-D. Likewise for spectral factorization, etc. Makes a great preconditioner for inversion. Rapidly solves [1+Dxx+Dyy]u=v. The entire "Helix" paper (16 pages of .ps) or html.

Calculation of the sun's acoustic impulse response by multidimensional spectral factorization .pdf. Acoustic daylight imaging via Kolmogoroff spectral factorization: Helioseismology and reservoir monitoring .pdf.

Paper submitted to '99 EAGE Helsinki meeting. Compressed and html versions. Required format on A4 paper without title and author in .ps and in .pdf.

Career advice recently offered to students.

My opinion on the recent Oil company mergers.

John Burg taught me Wilson's method of spectral factorization using Newton's square root iteration. html, ( 2 pages of .ps).

A lecture on interval velocity and null space. html, ( 2 pages of .ps).

For the Optical Society: Inverse problems in Reflection Seismology .html, .ps (color, 7Mb).

Reproducible electronic documents.

I recently discovered how to factor cross-spectra. html, .ps. This is a generalization of spectral factorization.

Care to join in building a large geophone array? I have lined up $50,000 to start.

After dinner speech: Seventeen years of supercomputing and other problems.

Publications or report articles (full text) or How to write an introduction.

In my youth, I puttered with earthquake and nuclear explosion data, but then I found reflection seismology was more fun because the theory more often works. Not to say that the earthquake people do not make interesting discoveries. [ link, ]

World oil futures

My experiments with mammograms html, .ps, .ps.gz.

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