Good old friends of mine (Jon Claerbout) from the 1960's, now lost

  1. Daniel William Melzer, deceased 3/21/2018
  2. Reese ? Reece Alfriend, (librarian?)
  3. Frank Geoffrey Kingsley Bentley (In phone book in Boston area)
  4. Lucette Begin
  5. Lloyd Breslau
  6. Jamie Chapman (discovered in Lubbock, Texas)
  7. Jacqueline Clark Simpson, deceased 2017
  8. Jean du Charme
  9. E. Neil Dulaney
  10. Edward A. Flynn (deceased)
  11. Karl Gentili
  12. Bo Jansson (not the Vermlands hockey, eco professor )
  13. Eva Kataja (found near LA!)
  14. Elaine Kinney (not the ekinney in tennessee)
  15. Leon Kreidler (deceased in Sheboygan)
  16. Don Krotzer (Somebody else is looking for him too.)
  17. Jewell LeMahieu (widowed, Vroonland)
  18. Richard Carl Levine (found near Dallas)
  19. Joan Levinson Zorza (Collington retirement home?)
  20. Soren Lindh (found in Sweden! but lost again because of retirement)
  21. Susan Lippman Kannenberg (found!)
  22. Dan Melzer (found!)
  23. Jayne Morrison
  24. Susan Presswood (Wright) (found in Michigan!)
  25. Noreen Rudd (found in Vancouver, now lost)
  26. Robert L. Sax (found in Alexandria)
  27. James Scharinger (deceased?)
  28. Larry D. Schmer (once sent me an email)
  29. Jack St.Onge (Canadian)
  30. Ervina (Irbin) Shaw (deceased 2016)
  31. Ruth Winterbottom (Peacock) (internet says New Bedford, MA)
  32. Ralph Wiggins deceased 2017 and friends' memories.

The purpose for putting this on-line is obvious, don't you think? If any of those above should find themselves on this list, they are invited to send me mail! Obviously though, they've got to introduce themselves with enough about our past lives so that I will know it really is them.