SEG Advanced Modeling project (SEAM)

The SEG Advanced Modeling Project (General overview of the Project in a PowerPoint file) has started its activities. The formal beginning of the Consortium that will support and direct the project is planned by the end of 2005.

The project is open to all companies and organizations that are part of the SEG community. A SEG convention Workshop took place on November 10th in Houston to present the project to the whole community and solicit membership in the Consortium. The Workshop was successful, with a large and active audience. During the discussions at the workshop several suggestions were made that will be incorporated n the next phases of the project.

The agenda of this workshop is below, with links to the slides used for the presentations.

SEG Convention Workshop (W-2)
Advanced seismic modeling consortium: A community project for the advancement of seismic imaging technology
Thursday November 10th 2005 - 1:30 pm

Biondo Biondi: Motivations for the Project (PDF , PPT)
Jacques Leveille: Salt Design: a Real Example of Complex Salt Bodies (PDF , PPT)
Joe Stefani: A Recipe for Realistic Stratigraphy Construction (PDF - Notice that this file is large ~48 MB)) , PPT)
Joachim Blanch: Estimating and Minimizing Modeling Cost (PDF , PPT)
Bee Bednar: SEAM Organizational and Operational Framework (PDF , PPT)

The first working meeting was held at the Colorado School of Mines on July 12th, 2005 (Agenda in a Word file) . Scroll down for the agenda and links to the presentations.

The minutes of this meeting (in ASCII format) are available here, courtesy of Stew Levin note taking.

A Numerical modeling and software working group is being formed. It is scheduled to meet in Houston the second week of September. (More on this working group in the linked PowerPoint file)

Kickoff meeting of the SEG 3-D Seismic Modeling Consortium
Tuesday July 12th 2005
Colorado School of Mines - Green Center 281

1:00 pm: Overview of the project (Biondo Biondi)
1:15 pm: Plans for SEG Workshop (Biondo Biondi)
1:25 pm: Overview of project operating structure (Bill Abriel)
1:40 pm: Proposal of work plan for the project (Bee Bednar)
1:50 pm: Review of ZMAART-Delphi Model (Joe Stefani)
2:05 pm: Desirable features of an elastic salt model (Graham Winbow)
2:35 pm: A recipe for realistic stratigraphy construction (Joe Stefani)
3:20 pm Break
3:45 pm: Open discussion: What is important in the model?
4:15 pm: Open discussion: Model representation and related software tools
4:30 pm: Open discussion: Next steps