Photos taken along the Mauna Loa trail

Follow along with the Mauna Loa trail guide by Lisa Petersen!

Mauna Loa as seen from Mauna Kea

Mauna Loa trail, start to Red Hill

Mauna Loa trail, Red Hill to North Pit entrance

Cabin trail

Observatory trail

Whew! A long long trudge up and down the mountain, but worth it. I did the hike twice, first in July 1991 to see the total eclipse (that time I got too altitude sick and didn't make it to the top), and then again in July 1994 (that time I managed to make it to the top). The gentle curvature of the mountain means much of the time you can only see a few miles ahead and behind. Near the top you can't even see the ocean... it's below the horizon. Hiking Mauna Loa feels like circumnavigating a small asteroid.

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