Papers, Lecture Notes, and Other Information

    # 147th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America, New York City (May 24-28, 2004)

    # Workshop on Wave Propagation and Time Reversal, University of California -- Irvine (August 8-11, 2003)

    # Mathematical Geophysics Summer School Lecture (August, 2002)

    # Inverse Problems and Applications, MSRI at Berkeley (November 5-16, 2001)

    # Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications Lecture (July, 2001)

    # Mathematical Geophysics Summer School Lectures (August, 2000)

    # The Mathematics of Imaging, MSRI at Berkeley (November 1-5, 1999)

    # Lecture notes on seismic tomography <--- most frequent download from these pages

    # Seismic tomography movie

    # Recent research papers

    # Bibliographies of older papers organized by topic, such as:

    # Personal information

    # a translation of Gassmann's famous 1951 paper


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