This is something we can do for the rest of the life. This is where the passion lies.

Teaching assistant

GP 211, Fall, 2012

A class about hands-on inversion exercises. Here are some comments from the students in my class (First year/quarter intimidated graduate students):

  • You managed to provide useful hints, directed me to further readings and worked around the difficulty of solving my problems through email correspondence on weekends!
  • Yunyue’s incredible help not only helped me earn an A+ in a course I thought I could barely pass, but her keenness on doing her work right helped make it my favorite course so far.
Thanks to this experience, School of Earth Sciences awarded me the "Centennial Teaching Assistant Award".

Teaching assistant

GP 280, Spring, 2013

A course to explain the principles of imaging using 3-D reflection seismology. Here are some comments from the students in my class (mature graduate students):

  • You are good. Great job explaining in class. Ease up on the quizzes!
  • You are the best TA I have had so far. Thanks Elita, you were fantastic at helping with the labs.
  • By far the best SEP TA. You will make a great teacher if you work on your stand up comedy.