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Learn about WebTV technology, in addition to how WebTV supports Internet standards.

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Internet Standards

Does WebTV Support ...?
Get a quick overview of what WebTV does and does not support.

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WebTV HTML Reference Guide
A reference to understand which HTML elements are supported by WebTV. Download the pdf version of the HTML Reference.

Forms on WebTV: Function Follows Form
The truth about forms on WebTV and how you can make them function flawlessly.

WebTV Frames Things a Different Way
Learn all about how WebTV deals with HTML frames and how it affects your site.

Making Spliced Images Work
It's easy to avoid the potential perils of image splicing on WebTV.

Seamless Image Maps
Some image maps work better than others. Make sure you are getting the most out of yours.

Note - WebTV and the IFRAME Tag
WebTV browser problems with the IFRAME tag and how you can avoid them.

WebTV JavaScript Guide
Learn about JavaScript and how to add dynamic, user-interactive appeal to your pages.
WebTV and Macromedia Flash
Understand how WebTV supports vector animation using Flash.
Cascading Style Sheets on WebTV
Details about how WebTV Plus supports CSS.
Dynamic HTML in the WebTV Plus Browser
A brief overview of what features WebTV supports on this upcoming standard.
SSL: Securing Transactions on Your Web site
A detailed FAQ about how to make secure transactions available on WebTV.

WebTV Proxy Server Q&A
Learn more about how proxies work on the WebTV Service.

WebTV User-Agent Strings
How user-agents work on the Web and on WebTV in particular.

Why don't WebTV Users See my 404?
The answers why and how you can work around it.

WebTV Technology

WebTV System Guide
Learn more about WebTV and how it functions.

Surfing With a Box
Read about the selection box used by the WebTV browser to navigate the Internet.