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de Hermes Malcotti

Hi!, nice to meet you!!!!!!!!

I am originally from Caracas , Venezuela. The best way to know about Venezuela is by the "venezuelan food!!!

I am currently a MS in Science student in the Geophysics Department, at Stanford University. I have an scholarship from INTEVEP SA (afiliate of PDVSA an oil company that produce 3.4 millions of barrels per day!)

My office is the most important office in the Mitchell's four floor!!!!!!!!!!: 463 in Mitchell . I said that because we are a lot of people in that office!!!!!

My past and my present:


Brief biography
+ Research

Stuff that I am interested in:

Say a big NO to ABORTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE YOUR FUTURE!!!

Fortran 90 reference: FORTRAN90 and FORTRAN market

Cool stuff Internet Parallel computer archive , London parallel center

Statistic stuff: Statistics

Are you Looking for free geophysics books? samizdat stuff

USGS earthquakes information: QUAKES stuff!

A slide show of Venezuela by OUR FOOD! set by the polaris guide.

General but on fashion link: Prenatal and postnatal stuff!

Applied mathematic stuff: CIC19

Wavelet stuff

As you see "stuff" is a very important word in english!!!!!!!!!!!

Office phone: (415) 723-0253

Email: hermes@sep.stanford.edu

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