Hermes Malcotti

I received my BS in Physics (1991) form Universidad Simon Bolivar , Venezuela. From 1991 to 1996 he was working in Intevep SA (PDVSA afiliate ) in 2-D prestack migration and velocity estimation. My work is sumarised by four technical report stored in the Intevep's library: Two technical reports in seismic attributes, a third report where I develope a 2-D prestack Kirchhoff and the last report where sumarized my work in velocity esitmation usning a comertial software over in geologycal-complex areas (I am co-author). My last research at INTEVEP was in migration velocity estimation for converted waves. I have two papers published in the Venezuelan geophysics congress organized by the SOVG: one paper is in Depth focusing analysis (it was my BS tesis!) and the other is in seismic atrributes applications.

I joined the Stanford Exploration Project in september of 1996 and I am currently working towards a MSc in geophysics at Stanford.

My current research interest are 3D prestack migration and migration velocity estimation. I am a member of SOVG.