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Dip moveout

To incorporate the dip effect, Huub Den Rooijen (1991) transforms data from CMP-sorted data to CCP-sorted data using a dip moveout operator. Like the PP-DMO, PS-DMO may reduce the problem of reflection point dispersal due to reflector dip without knowledge of the reflector geometry. Most of the existing PS-DMO operators give errors due to truncation of power series and/or second order approximations Xu et al. (2001). Xu et al. (2001) shows a fast converted-wave dip moveout operator in the f-k log-stretch domain which partially alleviates approximation errors. His operator correctly handles the kinematics, but produces weak amplitudes for steeply dipping reflectors at high propagation angles. Throughout this section I present a review of the operator developed by Xu et al. (2001) operator and extend it to correctly handle high propagation angles for steeply dipping reflectors.