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The Green Professor (emeritus) at Stanford University, Geophysics Department, SEP group,   Short bio.

This page is dedicated to the memory of my lost son (Johannes) Jos Claerbout 1974-99.

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I give you (since 1994) my books free on the WWW here and now in the table below.   Why publish to make money when you can publish to make friends?


paper book

DATA FITTING WITH NONSTATIONARY STATISTICS, 2019, coil bound, 60 pages,   Paper cover
Enjoy Marmousi comparison.
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(July 2019)
3 mins Anaheim
19 mins Houston

38 minute synopsis
the best one
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(Oct 2018)
Two versions available:
  (1) Free PDF or buy paper version, 251pp, 119 illustrations, and
  (2) 2012 version retaining some nice concepts never tested on field data.
The F90 library. See my new paper cover!
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2012 version.


60 lectures
here Buy from manufacturer ~$16.56

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BASIC EARTH IMAGING (BEI), 2010, We carry a raw 2-D seismic data set through all steps of data processing with (almost) all the computer code (F77) required. Taught annually in fall quarter. Code library. Model(200,200) on page 67, Fig 5.7a. here


2-D FT only
here no
EARTH SOUNDINGS ANALYSIS: Processing versus Inversion (PVI), 1992. Signal analysis. Introduction to inversion. Slides


maybe some day
here no
IMAGING THE EARTH'S INTERIOR (IEI), 1985. My most widely quoted book, 300 pages, out of print, but here now! English
not yet here no
FUNDAMENTALS OF GEOPHYSICAL DATA PROCESSING (FGDP) 1976. Some people say this book, my first one, is the most creative (though the most difficult).   Here's the 1973 Claerbout and Muir L1-norm paper. English ,
quake autocor
here no

All 982 figures in all my books (since 1976!) are here.   Free figures to paste in your slides, term papers, reports, and theses.   Enjoy!   Be careful though. I don't mind, but your teachers, colleagues, and friends, might not think well of you if they discover you have not given proper credit. You can also learn of the 32 people who helped (before 2008).

Free advice for careers, for speakers, and for writers.

Free software !   Free seismic data elsewhere.

Scholarships and Fellowships !

SEP has funding (research assistantships) for all students who are admitted to the Stanford University Geophysics Department PhD program. These stipends cover reasonable living expenses (about $2500/month) and all university fees. You need to take international exams (GRE and TOEFL) etc. Here is why and how to apply.   More questions? Send email to Professor Claerbout:       claerbout @

Summer Jobs and Careers

Of 14 current PhD students (summer 2012), all are welcome to remain here at 180% of academic-year monthly stipends, but 9 have left for summer jobs paying about 220% of academic-year monthly stipends. Of about 60 PhD graduates since 1973, none are known to be unemployed, nearly all working in the general area they were trained in.

The natural world

  1. Who is killing the porpoises and whales?
  2. Coral bleaching, and un-bleaching?!
  3. Isn't carbon dioxide ruining the planet?

My late-life updates

DFNS leads to Convolutional Neural Networks
While I was writing DFNS I was in hopes of engaging some student in expanding some of the many concepts there to convolutional neural networks. I've had no luck.   If they want for good projects to work on, this seems to me like a great place to begin.  
Simon Spitz for signal and noise separation
When I went to print GIEE I adopted the self-discipline that ideas without examples would be omitted.   Unfortunately, that meant some losses, particularly the idea I attribute to Simon Spitz on page 264 of the 2012 version of GIEE.   Have a look, it's amazing stuff.   I'd like to see it embedded in the nonstationary world of DFNS.   Ray Abma published some stuff. Antoine Guitton too. I downloaded all Spitz papers and didn't see a clear relation to what I'm calling his method! I suspect Dave Nichols has influenced my thinking. Joseph Jennings is interested.


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