When you lecture to us, please tell us

1. why you did this work;

2. how you did it;

3. what you found;

4. what you think it means.

Stolen from "Communicating in Science", by Vernon Booth

Introduction to a speech

The introduction to a speech has three parts

1. Attention getter

2. Thesis

3. Preview

This is advice from Stanford engineering dept speaking class 103.

Comparison of a paper to a speech

The introduction to a speech is a little different from a paper.   Or is it?   What do you think?

Paper Speech
Review Attention getter
Claim Thesis
Agenda Preview
Looks to me like The Thesis is about the same as The Claim.

Becoming expert

After you get to be a pretty good speaker, you'll be interested in tips from people who are really good, like this one.

Translated to Azerbaijanian by Amir Abbasov.