All 982 figures for all of Jon Claerbout's books are here.

All 834 illustrations for all of Jon Claerbout's books are here.
Help yourself.

Want some figures for that talk you'll be giving?   You are welcome to use any of the figures in my five books.

Select figures from one of these five books (in order of the date of first publication)

  1. Fundamentals of geophysical data processing FGDP
  2. Imaging the earth's interior IEI
  3. Earth Soundings Analysis: Processing versus Inversion PVI
  4. Basic earth imaging BEI
  5. Image estimation by example GEE

Do I have permission to copy?

Yes, you have permission to copy and use any figure in any of my five books.   Don't embarass yourself though by getting caught copying without attribution.   I own the copyright to all of my books so you don't owe anything to anyone else. You don't owe anything to me either.

Did you make all these figures?

No, I did not make them all. Some were made at my request and given to me to use in my books.

If you'd like to know all the details, when I was young I made all the figures. When I got old, I had more and more helpers. For the most part I tended to name each figure after the person who did the work. So if you discover a figure named "antoine6" it's a pretty good guess that there is someone named Antoine in my life who made a minimum of six figures for me. I never went scouting the literature looking for good figures made by other people. Oops! There is one nice figure in my first book that I got from my friend Ed White. Don't worry. That kind gentleman left the world of the living some years ago.

I found a problem.

If you find a problem, let me know. No guarantees, but I'll see if I can do something about fixing it. Things here are a little heterogeneous because, two of my books were written before postscript (and vplot) were invented, three of my books were written before PDF was invented, and two before we developed the notion of reproducibility in computational research.

Is that all you ever did?

No.   Lots of other stuff is parts of old SEP reports, and some on my personal web page, but the most memorable stuff mostly got into my five books.