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In the spring of 2004, Rachel was in Yosemite at a horse-riding academy, before she took a patrol job in Yellowstone NP. Antoine Guitton, Jesse Lomask, and I headed up to Rachel's apartment in Yosemite Valley for a little dayhiking action. I had always wanted to dayhike North Dome from the Valley, for a few reasons: 1) it's a difficult hike, 2) spring gives the best combination of good weather, long days, and small crowds, and 3) North Dome is an awesome place!

We got a late start from Palo Alto and didn't hit the trail until 12:15. I worried that we'd run out of time, since this hike is a round trip distance of approximately 16 miles, with well over 5000 feet of cumulative elevation gain. However, from past experience, I knew that this group would move quickly and without complaint, so against the odds, we started hiking briskly uphill on the Yosemite Falls Trail, threading our way through throngs of wheezing tourists. We stopped at Columbia Rock, as Antoine tended to two nascent blisters which were forming on his heels. From there, we hiked without stopping to Yosemite Falls. We made good time, 1h30m, but my body felt the pain. I was on my way to coming down with a cold, the same one that had floored Kim earlier in the week, and which now has floored me two days after the hike.

The crowds thin considerably after Yosemite Point. Some residual snow remained, which complicated route finding. As we pushed closer and closer to North Dome, we could find hardly any evidence whatsoever (i.e., footprints in the snow) of previous parties. We'd have North Dome to ourselves. The snow and routefinding slowed us down, but we made fairly good time and found ourselves on North Dome proper by 16:15. It had taken us four hours to get here, and if it took us four hours to return, we'd be walking much of the Yosemite Falls Trail (slick, rocky, and somewhat treacherous) in the dark. Antoine insisted on eating a sandwich, so after eating and some fantastic summit shots in the clear afternoon air, we started back at 16:45.

We boogied on the way down, jogging much of the way. In spite of a rest stop at Yosemite Point, we were back to the trailhead in Camp 4 by 19:45, just as the last traces of daylight faded away. Not a minute too soon! Rachel cut a nasty gash in her leg on the way down, and in spite of several rivulets of blood coursing down to her socks, she never complained about the pain. Antoine and Jesse ran much of the way down, arriving at the bus stop 15 minutes before Rachel and I. Amazingly, they were able to convince the driver of the last bus of the day to wait for Rachel and me. Soon we were showered and kicking back with some beers. A great day in the mountains!

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nd00-north-dome-tripmap.JPG (305 KB)

Camp 4 to North Dome, via the ...
nd01-columbia-rock-group.jpg (260 KB)

Posing at Columbia Rock on the...
nd02-blister-maintence.jpg (205 KB)

Antoine had some pretty hard-c...
nd03-half-dome-trees.jpg (204 KB)

Half Dome from above Yosemite ...
nd04-half-dome-mount-clark.jpg (194 KB)

Half Dome and Mount Clark are ...
nd04a-clark-range-pano.jpg (387 KB)

Short panorama of the Clark Ra...
nd05-blister-maintenence2.jpg (249 KB)

More blister maintenence. We ...
nd06-clouds-rest.jpg (219 KB)

Clouds Rest is a fantastic sig...
nd06a-clouds-rest-half-dome-pano.jpg (495 KB)

What a view! Left to right: C...
nd06b-north-dome-group.jpg (371 KB)

Group on Half Dome. Top row: ...
nd07-half-dome.jpg (212 KB)

Half Dome from North Dome.
nd08-starr-king.jpg (174 KB)

Mount Starr King from North Do...
nd09-clouds-rest.jpg (209 KB)

Another view of CLouds Rest fr...
nd10-rachel-north-dome.jpg (165 KB)

Rachel looks back toward India...
nd11-yosemite-valley.jpg (174 KB)

Looking back to the west, into...
nd12-rachel-gps-half-dome.jpg (206 KB)

Rachel calibrates her GPS unit...
nd13-half-dome-yosemite-point.jpg (128 KB)

Half Dome and the Clark Range ...
nd13a-yosemite-point-pano.jpg (248 KB)

Yosemite Point has some great ...
nd14-valley-yosemite-point.jpg (127 KB)

Yosemite Valley from Yosemite ...
nd15-group-yosemite-point.jpg (168 KB)

The group eats Turkey Jerky an...
nd16-half-dome-alpenglow.jpg (152 KB)

Half Dome zoom from the Yosemi...
nd17-yosemite-falls-half-dome-pano.jpg (290 KB)

Pretty half-hearted attempt at...
nd18-yosemite-falls-pano.jpg (219 KB)

Yosemite Falls sometimes has m...

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