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Interactive Online Running Calculators
With these calculators, you can "build your own" custom run and use the calculator to check the distance and elevation gain.
Stanford-area Common road runs and runs on the (paved) Stanford Hills trails.
Stanford/Palo Alto/Los Altos Expanded (relative to Stanford-area calculator), including western Palo Alto/Los Altos, and much of Los Altos Hills. Warning for dialup connections: Map image is almost 1 MB
Rancho San Antonio This popular open space preserve near Cupertino, CA has a network of well-trodden trails, most with considerable elevation gain.
Free Running Spreadsheet
Free Running Log Spreadsheet Sorry for the silly self-promotion ("Free"), but I want search engines to pick up the word free because I've seen lots of people on the web charging quite a bit of $$$ for what should be a simple tool. To see how this works, try this HTML example for our 2004 Napa Valley Marathon training. The spreadsheet lets you enter a running program and charts your progress toward the race with various statistics. I've found it useful so far. To use the spreadsheet, simply fill in the green cells: race date, planned distances, and actual run distance and pace.

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