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50 Classic Backcountry Ski and Snowboard Summits in California: Mount Shasta to Mount Whitney
By Paul Richins Jr.. Decent info, lots of good skiing ideas. Approaches/descents often imprecise--bring a map!

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  • Date: January 27, 2001; March 3, 2001; March 10, 2001
  • Route: From Sno-Park at end of Highway 4, up Poison Canyon, ending near Mount Reba.
  • Total distance: ~4 miles.

In the trip reports below, I link to, but the new tripmap above is an excellent guide to the places we've skied.

January 27, 2001

With Brad Artman. We started at the end of Bear Valley resort road (Highway 207), quickly skirting up Poison Canyon. The three days previous had seen a big, powdery storm, but alas, this day was the day of wind. Nothing falling from the sky, but an insistent 30 mph north wind blew enough snow to make visibility tough at times. We climbed to the hill marked with USGS Benchmark Poison 8420, for a healthy climb of 900 feet or so in a mile.

Snow conditions were really tough -- 2-3 feet of fresh powder...preserved with a 2-6 inch breakable crust! I wish I had better advice for skiing that stuff, but I don't. Go fast. Otherwise you'll break through. When you do break through, keep a strong stance and don't lean too far forward!

March 3, 2001

This trip was the day after a pretty large storm. We set out in fairly deep (8-16") powder, which rapidly turned to slush in the morning heat. I've never seen such rapid warming after a storm, but that is California, my friends! On our ascent of the lower portions of Poison Canyon, Kim and I found the snow conditions highly unstable on a 30-degree slope. We decided to cut the day short without earning any turns, but we don't regret it, as the snow conditions seemed highly unstable.

March 10, 2001

Three times makes a charm! A wonderful, if a bit warm, day. We got a nice early start (skinning up by 8:30 am), and the snow was an amazingly hard wind pack. We reached point 8605' after a mere 45 minute climb. Near there, we encountered a large camp (4 tents) of backcountry skiers.

From there, we climbed to the 8730' summit southeast of benchmark Reba 8842'. We intended to warm up on the gentle southwest-facing slope, but after our first run on the rock-hard wind pack, we crossed over the ridge and skied a steep east-facing slope at the head of Bee Gulch. The first run was nice, as the snow was just starting to loosen. The second run was a bit sketchy, as pseudo-corn gave way to nasty slush.

We made the easy return to the car after our first successful ski trip to Mount Reba, and celebrated with a nice lunch in Murphys.

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