Don't fear the OOP, java tutorial

Don't fear the OOP

A java tutorial that shows you why Coding Java
(or any other object-oriented programming)
is just like writing a trashy Western novel.

How to understand Java by looking at pretty colors.

by Jos Claerbout

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jos matt Jos was inspired by Matthias Schwab to learn about OOP (Object Oriented Programming) and Java. The first thing Jos did with Java was to write a manual in his own inimitable style:

Jos met Matthias in the summer of '97. "Matt was helping Jos learn Java, but it must be said that they spent a good deal of time discussing 'Life, the Universe and Everything' as well. Both were well read and literate, and both enjoyed proving it," recalls Andrew Long. Matthias tells us much more.

About a hundred Oop readers per day come from many places. Here are some cyber thanks from students: [1, 2, 3, ]

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