Cecil Green

Web Tour (1995) of Cecil and Ida Green Philanthropy

There is no greater pleasure than that which comes from genuine accomplishment. --Cecil Green


Here are some nice pictures of Cecil Green.

The definitive reference is, "Cecil and Ida Green: Philanthropists Extraordinary" by Robert R. Shrock, ISBN 0-262-19276-4. Below are the web links gathered by Jon Claerbout.

Cecil Green resume at Texas Instruments

history of Texas Instruments

Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG) Publications

Here are some Green publications gleaned from the web data base at the Society of Exploration Geophysics:
  1. Green, C., 1993, SEG 1992 Award Citations-Honorary Membership Citation for John Hyden: The Leading Edge, 12, no. 2, 90-91.
  2. Green, Ted, 1990, The brothers Green: A family's exploration odyssey: The Leading Edge, 9, no. 3, 60-63.
  3. Green, Cecil H., 1980, President's page - Anniversary reflections: Geophysics, 45, no. 11, 1597-1599.
  4. Green, Cecil H., 1979, Memorial to J. C. Karcher: Geophysics, 44, no. 6, 1018-1021.
  5. Green, C. H., 1954, Geophysical management looks at safety as a public relations factor: Geophysics, 19, no. 4, 820-824.
  6. Green, C. H., 1953, A cooperative plan in student education: Geophysics, 18, no. 3, 525-531.
  7. Green, C. H., 1948, Integration in exploration: Geophysics, 13, no. 3, 365-370.
  8. Green, C. H., 1938, Velocity determinations by means of reflection profiles: Geophysics, 3, no. 4, 295-305.

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