Interactive Television

Learn how to create interactive TV shows.

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Introduction to Interactive TV

What is Interactive Television?
An introduction to interactive TV—what it is and how you create it.

What is the ATVEF?
An introduction to the Advanced Television Enhancement Forum.


Creating Interactive Television Links
How to create interactive TV links, the connection between your TV broadcast and your Web content.

Displaying TV Broadcasts in Web Pages
How to  create Web pages that contain live TV broadcasts.

What's New

Frequently Asked Questions About the Interactive TV Capabilities of WebTV-based Internet Receivers
Answers to your questions about the latest client software update, interactive TV on WebTV-based Internet Receivers, and designing interactive TV programs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Interactive TV and the New WebTV-based Internet Receivers
Answers to your questions about the new receivers and the Advanced Television Enhancement Forum (ATVEF).

Sample Code

Interactive Television Programming Examples
This sample code can help you create your own interactive television programming.

Additional Sample Code
A site maintained by a WebTV Networks engineer, has many examples for you to run on your WebTV-based Internet Receiver (they are not intended to work on a computer).

Tips & Tricks

Tips and Tricks
Examples of how to make your interactive content load quickly.

Ask the Experts
Two interactive TV producers help you create great interactive shows.

Cross-Platform Interactive TV
A few key tips for creating interactive television experiences that work well for both TV and computer-based audiences. For detailed information about cross-platform development and Microsoft® WebTV® for Windows®, visit Microsoft's Interactive TV site.


Interactive Television Link Checksum Tool
This Web-based tool calculates a checksum, a means of verifying if all of the information (data bits) contained in a link is retrieved by a receiver.

Interactive TV Link Checksum Tool Source Code
Download the C source code for the checksum tool, so you can calculate checksums when you don't have Web access.


Interactive TV Development Resources
Links to help with everything from encoding your links to producing interactive programming.

The information on this site is specifically geared to the WebTV-based Internet Receiver. If you'd like information about developing for WebTV for Windows and about Microsoft's interactive television initiatives, visit Microsoft Corporation's Interactive Television site <>.