Jos Memorial from WebTV Users

written by Beth Candy on behalf of her fellow WebTvers
The WebTV Page Builders would like to express their gratitude to Jos for his gift of WebScissors and their heartfelt sympathy to Jos family and friends for the loss of such a wonderful man.

I posted in the Page Builder Help newsgroups for input from my fellow WebTVers in writing this tribute. I shared links to the WebScissors tool and the page dedicated to Jos life. Here are two of the reponses:

  1. Can I use WebScissors to transload rams?
  2. WebScissors couldn't find the image at Please advise.
Okay, they really didn't respond that way but a Memorial for Jos has to include a good laugh because we are remembering a man who loved us and made us laugh.

In my church we have what is called The Sign of Peace. During this part of the service we turn to each other. The first person will say: "Peace be with you" with his hand extended. The reply as we shake hands is "And also with you." Please take a moment to turn to the person beside you, in front of you and in back of you and say "May Jos be with you" and in exchanging a handshake and a hug respond "And also with you."

I believe that is why we are here today- to remember the love and hugs Jos gave us. May Jos be with you always.