With this level of fame, it's tough to go outside. Hammer, Ice, LaToya, they've all said it. When you achieve atmospheric popularity, you trade in a certain amount of your privacy. Not unlike yesterday, when I was at the grocery, purchasing an apple, I thanked the man behind the counter. As soon as he heard my voice, he produced a bat, and looked as if he was going to pummel me with it. "So you're the one! I'm going to kill you!" he started screaming. I think he was referring to my latest promotion. Customers who would come into RecordLand, to obtain some musical selections, I would slip my own CD into the case. They wouldn't know until they got home. A pleasant surprise really: instead of hearing the latest from the Wu-Tang Clan, they had a chance to sample some real talent. I think these "switches" accounted for most ... wait ... all of my actual sales. And other than this rather unfortunate incident with the merchant, I think that it's been quite good for all involved. Wearing a ridiculous hat with ears keeps it all from going to my head. Peace out.

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