I had never sweated so much in my life. I was staking out this one guy in Chicago. The police, the NSA, Interpol, they had tried for months to track down a gangster who went by the name of Jimmy "Boom-Boom" Mancini. Couldn't do it. They were against a brick wall. That's when I got the call. A couple phone conversations, a c-note here and there, and I was hot on his tail. Unfortunately, there was just no way that I could hide out to keep tabs on him. He was wise to all the tricks in the book. Could've smelled me coming down the block. Thankfully, Yossel owed me a favor from way back. He was able to produce this flop toessel in less than a day. That was just what I needed. One week later, Jimmy was being led away in chains, I can tell you he was sure of one thing: that was no six foot tall mushroom that had been tailing him for the last four days; that was me.

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