"I never intended to be the only one creating original content for the web, it just sort of turned out that way. I was already on the 'net in 94, so when the web came about, I had the very first site. The second site that was created, by Tim Berners-Lee, just had a link to mine. The third site was just a list of links that consisted of my sites and Tim's. Things didn't really start taking off until I began keeping an online journal. Once people realized they could cut and paste my content onto their pages, the internet really exploded. I had to write for five, then ten, then fifteen hours every day just to keep up with the rate at which I was being plagiarized. As for this toessel, it was a little joke that Yossel played on me. When I told him how hard it was for me to keep up with the growth of the internet, he said he'd come up with a toessel that would help me "keep it up". And then was born the viagra toessel.

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