Yossel's family and friends

Yossel's family and toessel friends

Yossel's mother, affectionately known as Mumsie or Mumalum, appears on the toessel site as the model Diane. His father, affectionately known as Popster or Popalop, appears on the toessel site as the model Jon. Brother Andrew ("oops, we need to clean up a little here") and sister-in-law Amy also appears, as does cousin Tess and uncle Jonathan. The rest of the models on the toessel site were his friends. We cry and cry.

If you have a Toessel from Yossel, his family would be happy to hear from you and/or have a picture of you wearing it. Send email to claerbout @ stanford.edu . If you want to join a group of toessel knitters, send email to dclaer @ hotmail . com


Some good cheer and hope for the future is Jos holding his baby niece Hanna. May the spirit of Jos live on through us, the living.

Why did Jos take up knitting? and who taught him? He tells us himself what led him to it. Jessica B=e=r=m=a=n recalls "As soon as mom left, Jos became a knitting machine. He couldn't get enough of it."

Finally a bit of Yossel humor. The toessel site grew to be large and complex; his life was very busy; so he didn't have time to chase down all the bugs. When a reader encountered a web link that accidentally pointed to a nonexistant page, they would be redirected to a page that said,

"Oops, we need to clean up a little here."
along with the picture on the right, a picture of Yossel's brother, Andrew. Ultimately his Popster did track down and repair all the dead links. Theoretically, this "andrewsnot" picture will never again pop up for it's original purpose. The only place you'll ever see it is right here.

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