Jos's disillusionment with Washington and The Interfaith Alliance

Popster: Long before Jos showed his web engineering skills, we all thought Washington DC was where Jos would be happy and thrive. I [Jos's dad] was alarmed at all the time he was spending on his portable massage table and deeply disappointed he was not taking advantage of all DC has to offer. I wrote him a serious letter about it.

I didn't know whether to blame him or to blame The Interfaith Alliance (TIA) or to blame Claremont Colleges.

Can a dead man slander anyone? Jos said he found (1995) that TIA was labor union money to prop up the Democratic Party (against the Christian Right) and that TIA's manager was a poor manager, guarding her own turf, with only a weak committment to the goals of TIA. Some will say, "That's Washington." Anyway, that wasn't for Jos. I still feel there was a niche for him in DC, but his college didn't propel him into it, instead, they let him go his own way, and that just didn't turn out the way he thought it would.

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