Privacy policy

Privacy policy on the Life of Jos site

by Jon Claerbout

At your request, I will change or remove anything by you or about you.

If your words occur here, I think I asked for your permission and got it.

If your picture occurs here, your full name should not be attached. Thus, if someone gives your name to a search engine, it should not turn up your picture.

I made a few judgment calls. Some pictures were so tiny as not to be revealing. Some people have very common names, others have their pictures in other public places. I was more careful with young ladies. I was more careful with anyone who told a story that could be construed as revealing.

I made a few judgement errors because search engines got smarter. For a time I could obscure a name by inserting blanks, as J o h n S m i t h. In April 2002 I learned that trick no longer works. As search engines do update their records, my temporary lapse of security should become erased and some unintended linkages of names and pictures should disappear.

Again, I should have asked you if everything was OK; I think I did but sometimes I cannot reach people or it seems obvious or I forget. Please forgive me. I make every requested change.

Jon Claerbout
899 East Charleston Rd, Apt L-206
Palo Alto, CA 94303
claerbout @ stanford . edu

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