Please help us preserve memories of Jos Claerbout To memories of Jos

Please help us preserve memories of Jos Claerbout

by Mumsie and Popalop (Jos's parents)

Thank you for thinking of taking the time to write. Now that most his friends have gone their own ways (as in time we all must) hearing from you would be a special treat for us.

Do not feel the need to write eloquent prose nor extravagant praise. We are delighted to receive simple memories of events, recollections of conversations, jokes, or nicknames. New pictures are a very rare treat.

In our home we have a family memory book for condolences and intimate memories of our son. On this web site are the memories that you intend to share.

If you send us email we will segregate your public memories of Jos from your condolences and private memories (for the family memory book). Your public memories will be loaded on the web in a place where only you can see them. Upon our receiving your approval, we will link them to this public Jos site. Here is our privacy policy.

We also appreciate your sympathies, condolences, and wise philosophies of life, but we don't put them on the web, except for a few ( 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ).

You deserve free stuff!

As Jos would say, "You deserve free stuff!" If you come to the Claerbout family home to share memories, we'll give you free food, and one of his "Migrant Worker" business cards. Your memories will help us show our grandchildren what a wonderful uncle they had.

Jon and Diane Claerbout
            claerbout @ stanford . edu
	    dclaer @ hotmail . com
      899 East Charleston Road, apt L-206
      Palo Alto, CA 94303

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