Jos's props for "Rear Cubicle"

Jos's props for "Rear Cubicle"

In the last week of his life, Jos and Yun Shin shot and produced a movie short that Jos had written, Rear Cubicle. Here we have his props for that movie.

  1. The best prop is Muffy's web site. If you are not using a slow modem, be sure to check out Muffy's web cam. Give it time to load. After it loads, you can get the next sequence by reloading. There are eight sequences in all. Even if you are on a slow modem, you'll probably enjoy a jump to see Muffy the vampire huntress.

  2. The clock ticks 1. 2. 3.

  3. MegloCorp Corp

  4. Shooting schedule

  5. Lead actor Mickey Killianey

Sairam recalls:
Jos used Michael Wu and Julie Lee's cube for Samuel/Fred's cube, and Jet and Bobby Joe's cube for Terry/Thomas's cube. Most of the props were his except the Boba Fett, which was borrowed from my cube.

In the 'Fear of a Black Toessel' video, most of the shots of Jos expounding on one thing or another are audio tests taken late into the night on August 13th. He and Yun doing the audio tests, testing one microphone or another. The shot of him talking about Ric Mommer and Parappa were taken at my desk.