Paul R y b i c k i: My fondest memory of Jos is pretty much when I'd first met him. I'd seen him around. Everybody had seen Jos around. Jos is pretty much one of those people you see around everywhere. He started working in a cubicle down the hall from me; and he used to come in in the morning. He would walk by my cube and he would say,

"So Mr. Paul, are we going to have fun today?"
I would answer some times, and I wouldn't answer other times. It took me a while to realize that he was being serious. It wasn't just something he said. It wasn't just a kind of a greeting. It was a comment. That's how I choose to remember Jos, "Are we going to have fun today?" Try to have fun today, try to remember that, put it all in perspective, I suppose. That's how, that's how I'll always remember Jos. Thanks.