More of brother Andrew's memories of Jos

More of brother Andrew's memories of Jos

In Costa Rica we went to Park Manuel Antonio at the end of a very bumpy road on which Dad drove about 15mph for an hour or two. Sure glad we didn't have a flat tire.

In the nearby town of Quepos we found a nice little grocery store calling itself a Super Market. They also sold a simple baseball cap emblazoned with the words "Super mas" [Super more]. This cap was too plain and simple for any young Texan or Californian and so Jos immediately recognized it as a prize not available at home. He purchased this cap and waxed so enthusiastic about it that Dad was soon moved to express regret that Jos had gotten the last one.

Lots of beautiful birds were here near our second floor porch. Click on the picture for an enlargement.


An aside on 3-D perception: The 3-D cognition here arises not from the separation of left and right eye (which are not separated here), but from the occlusion of the background.