Andrew Long: I first met Jos when he started working at night in the office next to mine at Stanford, that of Matt Schwab. This was apparently the period where he lay the foundation for his new career at WebTV. Matt was helping Jos learn Java, but it must be said that they spent a good deal of time discussing "Life, the Universe and Everything" as well. Both were well read and literate, and both enjoyed proving it.

My initial "bond" with Jos came when we discovered each other's delight in reciting "Simpson's" trivia. It is amusing to read Jos's essays declaring that the world would be a better place without TV -- he nevertheless clearly had watched a lot of it during his life, as have I. As my wife says, "When we first met him you knew you had a friend for life, unlike some people who you may know for many years but will never share any kind of intimacy or friendship". Jos was different, and spoke to strangers (us) like old friends. He was not brash or outspoken though, and had an inherent shyness that was quite delightful.

Our second "bond" was his delight at fixing my wheelchair. He was very proud to tell us that he had previously worked as a bicycle mechanic. He was indignant at my apparent dismissal of the fact that some spokes were loose -- to him this was unacceptable.

Not long after first meeting Jos, his father had said to me with a beaming smile on his face "I believe that you have met my son Jos". It was a justifiably proud smile, because we had been initiated into the company of Jos Claerbout, and as all who knew him can attest, that was a very happy and special club.