Galoob WWW adventure game

Galoob WWW adventure game

Jos invented a game for children, an adventure game they can play with any web browser. He dug out his Star Wars action figure toys from when he was about ten years old. He imagined the adventures these toys might have. He purchased a digital camera and took pictures of his toys in action. Then he linked the pictures together with Javascript to make the adventure game.

May the Force be with you! Although Jos had not finished building his game, it was far enough along that you can enjoy being a Rebel fighter pilot trying to repair your fighter with help from Luke Skywalker.

Let's play Galoob!

[You may encounter a few little bugs unless you are using a current version of Netscape. Jos used 1999 cutting-edge technology.]

Free toys for all children! He didn't name the game, but kept it in a file entitled "galoob", the name of the toy manufacturer. One angle was to sell the game to the Galoob company to use as advertising for their toys. Children would first play freely with the toy pictures and then would want the real thing. There were other angles such as CD-ROM.

He dreamed himself in the career of making free internet imagineering toys for all the world's children.

So many things to do today! So much fun! The Galoob game was mostly built in the summer of '97 and he worked on it only occasionally after that, perhaps because to prepare a small adventure requires a lot of sets and picture taking and programming. Meanwhile, he kept discovering so many new fun things to do.

Fun to learn foreign languages! As an echo of the Galoob game, in the last month of his life, Jos looked into putting together speech recognition technology with adventure games to make it fun to learn foreign languages.

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