My personal philosophy

Do you have a personal philosophy?

Why yes, I do have a Personal Philosophy. I keep him in the garage. He is short and four legged. His fur is still soft, as he is rather young. Young that is, in comparison to his two garage companions, my Pet Peeve and my Amusing Anecdote. My Pet Peeve is a large badger-like animal, bred from a long lineage of Overly Broad Or General Essay Questions. She is expecting two children this Spring, to be named Tell Us About Yourself and Write About A Moment That Meant A Great Deal to You.

My Amusing Anecdote is getting rather old and tired; the last several months have left him completely exhausted. I will undoubtedly retire him in the middle of February. As for my Personal Philosophy, he's still young and eager to see the world. Like most Essay Topics his age, he is in an exploring stage. He values experience over possessions, and good humor over all. There hasn't been a day when I've been depressed and gloomy when my Personal Philosophy hasn't jumped up onto my lap and with one lick made me feel much better.

I know I'm going to hold onto my Personal Philosophy forever, but my parents say it's time to trade in my Amusing Anecdote and Pet Peeve for a piece or two of Humble Pie.

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