Jos in Escuinapa

Jos with an armadillo in Escuinapa, Sinaloa, Mexico

Jos wrote his college applications in the fall of his senior year of high school. Instead of relaxing thru the spring semester, he managed to graduate in January and left for Mexico to take a job.

He had hoped to get a job doing the management control system in a rock crushing plant in Campeche, but that fell through and he ended out in the city of Escuinapa with frequent expeditions to a local farm job.

He had a wonderful time there and made many friends (but was happy to see his parents when they arrived for a visit).

Nobody in Escuinapa spoke English so Jos's Spanish grew in leaps and bounds. Father recalls a taxi ride between two nearby towns -- Jos in front, parents in back. Jos never looked at the road, but kept his eyes on the taxi driver's face while engaging him with gusto on the merits of local music groups.

If Jos were writing this page he would add that he survived an attack by killer bees.

The metallic-looking hooks are merely a fierce Mexican weed.

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