Jos and Dad programming Next
"Hey Popster, how do we code this to push these two colors apart in intensity while preserving their hues and making sure their RGB values stay in bounds?"
Dad writes,
"Jos found his color picker to be a real challange. Beyond the product development challenges, the American color television standard itself (NTSC) is a hodgepodge of engineering compromises. He really did enjoy getting to the bottom of things. Without an adequate math background, he did his best to understand Fourier transforms -- he needed them to explain television and color.

When he "engaged himself" to WebTV 18 months earlier I had told him not to get his expectations too high, that WebTV was full of engineers with four year engineering degrees. He proved my fears unwarranted. I recall my surprise and delight and his enthusiasm when he came to explain Huffman coding to me -- and he explained it magnificently. When he learned that "object coding" was possible in Javascript he immediately began modifying his colorpicker to introduce it."