Jos with couch costume


The picture (mother's favorite) shows Jos, 23, at a WebTV Halloween party. His costume is a "couch", a joke on his bringing an orange couch to work. His boss criticised it, but she often sat on it.

Jos's roommate Camilo writes:

"I met Jos at work. And in the first month I worked with him I suggested in a joke that we should get a couch. Of course, Jos took me very seriously and started working his magic to convince the manager that we had to get a couch.

So we went out to the Goodwill and almost immediately he spotted exactly what he wanted. It was an old, bright orange couch, and he loved it. He sat down just for one second; he sat down and waited. And I watched him for about a half hour negotiate with all the workers there, in Spanish, to try to get it down from the eight dollars that they were asking. It would be unheard of to pay the full price!"