D1: NE Corner 4th and Locust, looking East


D1: bent wall

A bit further South on Locust we come to 4th street (Highway 156), where the fault again fortunately passes through a yard without disturbing the foundation of the nearby house. Here the fault is causing a wall and sidewalk to bend, quite a bit more in 1992 (right) than it had in 1966 (left).

I used the precise aspect of the edges of the roofline to try to position my camera in 1992 in the same position as Dr. Berg's camera in 1966, so these pictures should be taken from the same location relative to the house (which is on the other side of the fault from the camera). Unfortunately it appears I did hold my camera a little lower than it should have been, but I got the left-right position just about right. If you don't believe me, compare the relative positions of the drainpipe and the 3-masted antenna in the background in both photos. The left-right displacement of the wall in the foreground is due to the fault's motion, not mine!

(Note at 4th street North-South Locust Street abruptly changes name to Powell!)

D2: SE Corner 4th and Powell, looking East


D2: bent curb

(1966 photo)
(1992 photo)

On the South side of 4th street the fault is also offsetting a curb at the edge of the sidewalk; look just to the left and behind the pair of brass rings. The top picture was taken in 1966, the bottom in 1992. (Again I used the aspect of the roof lines to find the right spot, and again I appear to have held the camera a few inches too low. You'd be amazed at how hard it was to even get that close, though.) The curb on the street itself unfortunately has been redone in the intervening years.

I was told by residents that fourth street slowly develops a dip along the fault line which has to be filled in every few years.

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